Monthly Archives: November 2013

I took my daughters to Sri Lanka in the winter of 2010. Here is a gallery of a few of the many shots I took. Click on any photo to view them all as one gallery exhibit.  

Summer in Samarkand and it was over 40 degrees everyday. I was staying at a little garden guest house on a back street near Tamerlane’s Tomb, and couldn’t resist taking this shot when walking home from dinner. I used a mini- tripod for the long exposure. For comparison, here is the tomb from the same angle, but in daylight.

A Mani Stone along the ‘kora’ around Mount Kailash – August 2007

Tikse Monastary, Ladakh, September 2013 This normally popular monastery was deserted the day I visited, as there was a big festival at Hemis Monastery and all the monks were there.