Monthly Archives: March 2014

My daughter is a doctor at a major East Coast hospital. In the summer of 2012, she trekked for 21 days through Zanskar, Ladakh with an Indian medical NGO providing free medical care for villagers. She is also a Nyingmapa Tibetan Buddhist – a follower of HH Penor Rimoche, and she asked me if I could find a matching set of ritual implements for her practice. I’ve been a Karma Kargyu Tibetan… Read More

I’ve been in Pokhara for the last ten days, and there the Internet is slow to nonexistent. It was a pleasant interlude after all the action in Kathmandu. I used to live there in the 1970s, when it was a dirt road village of mud and wattle farmhouses with thatched roofs. I was on a quest to track down some old friends. That I did, even staying at a lodge on the… Read More

Kathmandu, Nepal – March, 2014 Happy Losar! It’s Tibetan New Year in Nepal, and I’m here to see friends, attend some parties and go on the Shiva’s Slave’s Motorcycle Club Shivaratri Run. Here are a few photos from the Yantra House Losar Party on March 4th. I’ll tell about the other party and the Slave’s Run in separate posts. READ MORE…