Another Stroll in the Hindu Kush – #2

This was originally published on BootsnAll

Travel Journal #2


8/Aug/ 2005 – Peshawar, Pakistan

I was at the Afghan Consulate when it opened at 9:30, but they only take visa applications on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To get it you need 1 photo; a photocopy of the main information pages of your passport; and $30 US cash. I had everything ready for the next day. I stopped at a cyber-cafe but still couldn’t get into my .mac account, so I used Hotmail – Bummer! This only ever happened to me in Pakistan, both this trip and the one before. Next I returned to the Namak Mandi gem bazaar and spent 12,000 rupees on gems and specimens. When I went to the Spogmay to meet Attaullah’s son, no one was there! Weird.




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