Road Trip – Vilcabamba to Chachapoyas

The following is a detailed account, with prices, of our two day road trip from Vilcabamba, Ecuador to Chachapoyas, Peru.

We started in the morning by standing on the road below Hostel Izhcayluma to flag down the local bus to the town of Zumba, Ecuador. The bus was supposed to come by around 10:30am, but we were advised to start our wait at 10:00am, just in case. We expected to be the only gringos on the bus, but a German Ski Instructor/Primary school teacher named Heiko and his eight year old son, Eric, were also waiting. They were on their way to Chachapoyas, too, so we decided to travel together to make it easier for us all.

The local chicken bus came by about 10:35, and we waved it down. After storing our packs underneath, we boarded the bus and paid our $3.50 fare to the conductor. There were no seats left by then, but Reika and Eric were able to find room in the cab. Heiko and I made due with standing for the first hour or so, after which one seat opened up. We took turns sitting every fifteen minutes for the next hour and then enough people got off so we all had seats the rest of the way.

This was literally a Chicken Bus – roosters in the back of the bus were crowing every few minutes.


Vilcabamba to Zumba

Vilcabamba to Zumba

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