No Water Buffaloes in the Taxi

No Water Buffaloes in the taxi, please! I saw this sticker when I was riding in a Bangkok taxi, and thought it very culturally significant. Now the “No Smoking” and “No Drinking” are perfectly logical, and the “No Durians” is a common sign, often featured in hotels as well, since durian fruit are notoriously foul smelling, with a scent similar to a rotting corpse lingering for hours and hours. The “No Pets” is also a common prohibition. Then it starts to get a bit more culturally Thai. “No Sex” in the taxi must be a common problem when drunken couples, especially if they are picked up in Soi Cowboy, Pat Pong, or near the Nana Entertainment Plaza, get in the back late at night. The “No Guns or Knives” is also logical, especially if the ‘bar girl’ picked up at the above venue turns out to be a Katoy, or ladyboy.  It was the last icon which really caught my eye: “No Water Buffaloes”!!! WTF? Who tries to bring a water buffalo into a Bangkok taxi? Luckily I have a Thai girl friend, and she explained the real meaning. In this case, a ‘water buffalo’ refers to someone who is acting silly or stupid or asking dumb questions…just as if they had the mind of a water buffalo. So, essentially it means “No Assholes”!

Note on my absence from posting for a while: Besides being a bit busy after I returned to Japan from South America, I noticed that I was becoming addicted to blogging; checking my website too often; watching my visitor stats rise and fall every hour; and otherwise noticing the detrimental effects of maintaining a blog on my mental state, so I thought I should take some time off.

My mind was beginning to act like a drunken water buffalo with a loaded AK-47!

The next post – Chachapoyas – is already written, I just need to attach the photos. Expect a return to regular posting soon.

2 Comments on “No Water Buffaloes in the Taxi

  1. Was wondering if you ever ran into my ex-wife and daughter in Kathmandu . Pat and Shauna Borden , would have been there mid 70’s .

    • Hi Michael, It’s Golden Week in Japan, so I haven’t been paying attention to the website in a few days. Sorry about that. Pat and Shauna, huh? I didn’t know many ladies traveling with kids back then; Ginger – The Afghani Queen – traveled with two daughters, Landis and Julie, Hettie and her son Ossian, who became a Tulkhu.But I don’t remember many others;…most people raised kids in the 80s, that’s when I raised my three daughters there. What part of KTM did they live in? I lived in Swayambhu in the 70s, as well as out in Pokhara. In the 80s I lived on Mahankal, near Boudha. Nobody had last names back then, so not sure, but they names don’t ring a bell. Might have seen them around, though- Full Moon parties, Losar parties, Shivaratri and such.

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