Mongolia – The Gobi Desert – Part 9

September 2015

We left Kharkhorin about mid-day and our goal for the night was to camp at the off-the-beaten-path lake of Ogii Nuur. We pulled off the main road to make lunch and Hishka decided to stop at a Ger on the way back to the main road. We were warmly welcomed by the family, even though our guides had never met them before. This was a fairly prosperous family as they had many horses and cattle and even a tractor. Inside their Ger we saw a flat screen TV next to the altar, solar-powered, of course. We had tea and homemade snacks with the family.



5 Comments on “Mongolia – The Gobi Desert – Part 9

    • Hi Anisa, thanks for checking out my site. I see you also live in Japan.
      Yes, she was really cute, but I didn’t get any good shots of her until we played a few little games and she relaxed. In earlier shots she’s hiding behind grandma and a bit scared of the gaijin visiting the Ger.

      • Hi again, nice to meet you, too. A close friend of mine teaches in Okayama. I’ll see him at the JALT language conference in Shizuoka this weekend. By the way, Shomaa farsi gap zada metaaned? I still speak a bit of Afghan Dari. Khoda Hafiz

      • Haha wow! What a small world! I am impressed by your Farsi although Afghani Farsi is a bit different to Farsi spoken in Iran 🙂 Afarin!! (bravo)

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