Fireflowers 2016

Saturday was the night of our local fireworks display here in Yurihonjo. The Japanese word Hanabi – 花火 – literally ‘flower fire’, sounds so much more descriptive when rendered as ‘fireflower’, that I’ve come to prefer it. It was a short 15 minute bike ride to the river side site of the show. Though it was still light when I arrived, many groups had already staked out their areas. I had a beer and kettle chips with me, and a folding camp chair to sit on. These are a few of the better shots I took.

2 Comments on “Fireflowers 2016

  1. I agree! I always say to my students that some Japanese words are just perfect, like “fire flower.” It’s so much nicer than “fire works.”

    • Hi Ben, Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I’ve been traveling. Now I’m in New Zealand.
      Some NZ photos going up now, which is why I’m back on my travel blog.


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