Another Stroll in the Hindu Kush #4

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Travel Journal #4


12/August/2005 – Kabul, Afghanistan

Friday – the Islamic day of rest – I had breakfast at the Mustafa, naan,
omelet, hash browns and coffee. Breakfast at the Mustafa was eaten in
an open, marble-paved courtyard on the second floor. This was where we’d
had the barbecue the night before. There I ran into another tourist. He
was an Aussie named Peter Forwood; bald on top, with short grey hair and
beard, tall and lean. He was 52, three years younger than me. He was
riding his Harley around the world, and he’d been doing so for over nine
years. Thus he was pretty notorious in the biker community. He’d just
driven down from Tajikistan, so we traded traveler’s tall tales. During
breakfast, Jacque, the Vietnamese fellow, I’d spent the evening talking
to with Stephan, the German, in Peshawar, stops by to use the Internet
Cafe at the Mustafa. The guys are all looking for a cheap hotel and
Peter tells him about the Park Hotel, near the river. While this is
going on John Mock stops by, and we arrange to meet for lunch. He’s busy
all morning with the Aga Khan foundation arranging for their trek of the
Wakhan Corridor.


Kabul 2005

Kabul 2005

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