Dragon Belt Buckle

This is the first Dale Enzenbacher Dragon Belt Buckle. I met Dale at the World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto, 1973. I was coming from Kashmir, India where I had just spent the summer. When I was there I bought the carved carnelian along with several other antiques. It is very old, and says in Sanskrit: “Unto the feet of Lord Krishna Kali Ram dedicates himself”

I made friends with Dale in the artist’s exhibition, where he had intricate, award-winning pieces of sculpture on display. He also was selling jewelry and even casting the heads for walking sticks. I showed him the carved carnelian and asked him if he could create a belt buckle around it. He had never made belt buckles before, though he would become famous for them over the next few years.

I gave him free rein to design a fantasy buckle in his own way. The result featured a ‘princess’ loosely-based on his wife. One interesting feature was the fact that the buckle is left-handed – since Dale is left handed himself, that was the way he designed it. Luckily I am ambidextrous and, to this day, even with the symmetrical silver and lapis buckle I usually wear now, I always wear it left-handed since that is what I am accustomed to.

This is a one of a kind bronze, lost wax casting. Dale went on to win the Best Artist of the Year Award at the 1979 World Fantasy Convention. This .pdf is an article about him from Star Log #25.

Dale Enzenbacher Article

There is not much current information about him available on the Internet today, but all clues seem to point to him living in Eugene, Oregon.

Dale, if you happen to see this while cruising the Net, give me a shout!

Dragon Belt Buckle

Dragon Belt Buckle

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