Kathmandu – Losar 2016

I returned to Kathmandu for the usual Losar party and gathering of expats, but this year it was more subdued than usual. It was my first time back since the earthquake, so the devastation was quite traumatic. The most shocking moment I had was when I first saw the Great Stupa of Boudhanath. I used to live near the stupa so it was a shock to see that the entire top  had been removed to make structural repairs.

Of course, the next disaster area I visited was Durbar Square. After seeing the work being done to repair the Boudha Stupa, I was not only surprised by the extent of the destruction in Durbar Square, but I was also not too surprised that the Nepali government had stolen the reconstruction money and nothing was being done to rebuild the ancient temples.

The one bright spot was the New Orleans cafe in Thamel. It seemed to have survived the quake and still was a venue for live music.

The rest of the photos were taken as I wandered around the city, documenting street scenes.

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