Mongolia – The Gobi Desert – Part 1

September 2015

We spent 10 days in the Gobi Desert, driving around in a 4WD Mitsubishi, rather than one of the ubiquitous, and quite uncomfortable, Russian vans. Through Stepperiders we were able to travel with Hishka and Abbo, our Mongolian driver and guide. We rendezvoused at the Ger Camp and started our drive after lunch. Within a very short time we had left the cracked asphalt and were not to see a paved road again until the 9th day of the trek. The first night we camped at Baga Gazariin Chuluu, ”stone of the little place”, the dead end of a rocky canyon near the Delgeriin Choriin Khiid, one of the many Buddhist monasteries destroyed by Stalin in the 1930s. It was closed when we arrived at sunset, so we camped for the night then, after an incredible sunrise, returned the following morning.

Delgeriin Choiriin Khiid:

Our Campsite at Baga Gazariin Chuluu, ”stone of the little place”:




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