Mongolia – The Gobi Desert – Part 2

September 2015

After the spectacular sunrise over the astonishing granitic formations of Baga Gazariin Chuluu, ”stone of the little place”, we had breakfast and then returned to the Delgeriin Choiriin Khiid monastery. This time we were able to find one of the few local monks and have him open the Ger [yurt] Temple. The inside was fantastically colorful, and reminiscent of numerous Tibetan temples I have visited. The really odd part, of course, was that it was inside a round felt ger.

Our next destination that day was to be Tsagaan Suvarga – The White Stupa. We drove almost all day through the barren landscape. One time we came upon a herd of Bactrian camels by the side of the road. Since they were the first of many bactrian camels we were to encounter throughout the Gobi, we stopped and took photos.

After quite a bouncey, cross country ride we reached the White Stupa. The rocky formations of Tsagaan Suvarga, ”white stupa”, are located on the Southern border of the province of Dundgovi. These rocky formations eroded by the wind look like a ruined city if you observe them from a certain distance (85 kilometres). They are about 60 metres high and 400 metres  long. We were the only group of people there, so spent the late afternoon exploring them. Hishka and Abbo scrambled down a steep hill of loose rocks and went to stand on the edge of the cliff. Of course, I followed them, not that I would have attempted it if they hadn’t gone first.

After the White Stupa it was nearing sunset. Not far from there was a local family who had put up three extra gers for paying guests. Not really elaborate enough to be named a ‘Ger Camp’, but our first time to stay in a ger on the trip. That experience will have to wait until the next part of this travelogue.

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