Nepal, 2017 – Part 2

I took the Greenline Bus to Pokhara and was there for Holi, which was a bit more laid back than Kathmandu would have been. I like using the Greenline Bus Company for several reasons. First, it leaves an hour later than the cheaper Tourist buses, and second, it includes a buffet lunch in the ticket price. Lunch is always served at a very nice riverside hotel about half-way between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Being a buffet, it is easy to just select the vegetarian options.

In Pokhara I once again stayed at my friend’s Lodge on the side of the hill overlooking the lake. The view’s aren’t as scenic, mountain-wise, but I feel comfortable there, like part of the family, and the home-cooked Nepali food is better than anything available at a lakeside restaurant. The $10 per night price is also a great deal. Of course, the steep walk up and down the hill to the lodge is an extra added attraction. No motorable road  gets closer than the bottom of the hill, so the exercise is great practice for Himalayan hikes.

The day after I arrived was the Hindu Festival of Holi. On this day people throw colored water and powder onto each other, so always best to wear your worst clothes. I managed an outing to the lake and back with minimal color change and even got a few nice shots without destroying my camera.


I relaxed in Pokhara for a week; a welcome relief from the dust and pollution and traffic of Kathmandu Valley. Then I took a return trip with the Greenline Bus. I had purchased a round trip ticket in Kathmandu, so only paid $40 and the Bus leaves from a centrally located office in Pokhara rather than the bus station. Again, it leaves an hour later than the cheap Tourist Bus, which made for a less hectic morning, since I had to hike down the hill before I could get a taxi..

In Part 3 I will conclude with a Kathmandu Walkabout through back streets down to Durbar Square, and a sample of the gem quality Nepali Tourmaline I purchased.

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