Nepal 2017 – Part 3

After a pleasant week in Pokhara I returned to the big city. Soon after I got back to the Potala Guest House I was walking over to a friend’s gem and jewelry shop when I encountered a parade of school children. They were all wearing their traditional clothing so I had to stop and take some photos.

A few days later I had a free afternoon, so I took a walkabout…though the back streets to Durbar Square, down to Freak Street, then back to Thamel. The comparison between the restored Boudha Stupa and the yet to be repaired Durbar Square was quite pronounced.

Before I left Kathmandu I made sure to buy a few local gems for resale. Though I saw local rubies and aquamarine and golden beryl, the stones I felt were the best deal were rubellite tourmaline. Here are a few shots of what I was shown. The yellow stones are golden beryl.

The ones I purchased were those in the square white display boxes. These stones were not shown to me the first day. Only after I rejected the lighter colored ones were the better quality stones presented to me. One box weighed a bit over 6 carats for four stones and the other box was slightly under 4 carats for four. Of course, these were the best of the second day’s stones. Even though the owner of the shop was an old friend, and I’d been doing business with his family for nearly 40 years, I still wasn’t shown the good stuff until I passed on the average stones.

So it goes…

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