Okinawa Part 2 – Architecture

Okinawa is home to some very unique architecture. It ranges from large, plain above ground tombs, to old farm houses, to a very particular way of tiling a roof.

First, one of the main architectural features that differs from prefecture to prefecture in Japan is the color and style of the roof tiles. Up here in Akita, they use shiny black roof tiles, but the tiles on Okinawa are orange with large patches of white grout to hold them down. Perhaps this has something to do with the strong typhoon winds which periodically rip through the islands.


The indigenous style of architecture consists of thatch and bamboo. There was a reconstruction of a primitive village at the expo-park, where the famous aquarium is the main attraction.


The small, family Inn where we stayed was on a hillside just before the village of Motobu. It was a converted farm house, up a steep hill and nearly impossible to reach without a vehicle.

There were several other unique structures, including a spiral watch tower, at the expo-park.


These last few are pretty random, a tomb near the beach; an old shrine at a World Heritage site; a snapping turtle restaurant; the inside of a Hawaiian restaurant; and a tiny, roadside cafe that featured beni-imo – purple sweet potato – smoothies.

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