Mani Stones at Mount Kailash

A Mani Stone along the ‘kora’ around Mount Kailash – August 2007

Buddha’s Gaze


Tikse Monastary, Ladakh, September 2013

This normally popular monastery was deserted the day I visited, as there was a big festival at Hemis Monastery and all the monks were there.

Ardent Enthusiasts

“The third stage, above the barracks, consisted of warehouses, bakeries, kitchens, and other residential rooms. The view from this stage is magnificent, but the way to it should only be attempted by the most ardent enthusiasts”

Nancy Hatch Dupree [describing the climb to the top of Shar-i-Zohak, the ruins of a castle destroyed by Genghis Khan, at the entrance to the Bamiyan Valley] – An Historical Guide to Afghanistan  (1977)


August 2006

In Bamiyan Paul Clammer and I hired a 4WD Toyota for the three-day drive to Chaghcharan. Our Hazara driver refused to take us beyond that city as  it was too dangerous for him…


Ahmed Shah Massoud’s Tomb

The author at Ahmad Shah Massoud’s tomb in the Panjshir Valley –  September 2012