Phnom Penh – Part 1

In April 2018 I traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to get a 60-day Thai visa, the first step towards getting a Retirement Visa to live permanently in Thailand. I chose a mid-range guest house near the Mekong River, arrived on a Thai Airlines flight in the mid-afternoon, then started looking for a travel agent to help me obtain the needed visa. This is what I could see from the 4th floor balcony:


As a side note, I misplaced my packet of visa photos and did not notice that it was missing until I went to get my Visa-on-Arrival. You will be happy to hear that you can just pay USD$3.00 in lieu of having a photo and still get your visa.

Armed with my trusty OM-D EM-5 and a 20mm pancake lens, I set out to find a travel agent and to take some street photos along the way.


Walking along the riverfront I found an ATM to get US dollars for the visa and finally happened upon a friendly travel agent. This is what I was told I would need: A Visa photo; a copy of my bank book; a copy of an airline ticket OUT of Thailand; my passport;  USD $50 to pay the Travel Agent for the service. He told me that this would take three days. It is possible to do it quicker, but that costs more.

Obviously, I now needed to find a shop to have a visa photo taken. Following his directions I stumbled into a small local vegetable market instead.

Though I actually never found the photo shop that afternoon, I did find one the next morning, so all was well. Walking back near the river I came across a few more interesting scenes.


Finally, just before I went to an Indian Restaurant for vegetable biryani, I happened upon a custom knife shop. Since I collect exotic knives, I could not resist going in and looking around.

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