Phnom Penh – Part 2; The Russian Market

The Russian Market is one of the oldest covered markets in Phnom Penh. It gets its name from the large number of Russian expats who used to shop there in the 1980s. Make of that factoid what you will.

It was the only outing where I had to engage a tuk-tuk, but it was only a $4.00 ride, and, yes, they use US dollars more than local currency. I headed over in the late morning so I could enjoy lunch there as well. The welcome mat was out:

Russian Market - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Russian Market – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The market used to have some very nice old textiles for sale, but no more. Mostly local souvenirs, handmade crafts and art, bike and auto parts and lots of food and food stalls.



Arts and Crafts :


Auto and Bike Parts:





Food Stalls:


Outside the Russian market there are a number of jewelry, craft and antique shops. At one of the shops a small Garuda plaque caught my eye with the dynamics of movement and workmanship, so, with only a bit of bargaining, I bought it.


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