Phnom Penh – Part 3

The day after I visited the Russian Market I decided that I wanted to check out the Night Market as a comparison. I remembered it as being quite colorful when I’d visited it several years before. But now it wasn’t much more than a tourist trap. Luckily I wandered through a very picturesque street market just a little to the south of it.


I was a bit early for the Night Market, but it was mostly food stalls and souvenirs. I did see a little girl playing with a large metal hand-crank and took a surreptitious shot from the hip, with the view-screen of my OM-D out horizontal so she wouldn’t notice me snapping her.


I walked along the riverside on my way back to the hotel.


The next day I visited the National Museum–no photos allowed inside, but I did get a few shots of the old building and new plaster statues outside. On the way to the National Museum I found one of the best restaurants in town–Dave’s Handmade Noodles. The food was so good that it was the only place that I returned for a second meal.

The last major attraction was the Central Market. This place was inside a large cement dome. Again, except for the food stalls, it wasn’t anything special. The dome, though interesting, was too industrial and clunky.

I was only in Phnom Penh for a week this trip, but I had fun wandering the streets and taking photos, especially in the evening, as the bargirls beautified themselves at the open air salons.

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