Pokhara Interlude

I’ve been in Pokhara for the last ten days, and there the Internet is slow to nonexistent. It was a pleasant interlude after all the action in Kathmandu. I used to live there in the 1970s, when it was a dirt road village of mud and wattle farmhouses with thatched roofs. I was on a quest to track down some old friends. That I did, even staying at a lodge on the site of the farm house where I used to live. It was up on the side of the hill, up a steep flight of steps, but with great views of the mountains and the lake. It was more of a family compound, run by an old Nepali friend of mine. So I could relax and feel at home with kids and a big Tibetan mastiff named ‘Tiger’ guarding the place.

In lieu of an official post, this is just a selection of Travel Photography. I haven’t forgotten my promise to post on the Luxury Losar Party and the Shiva’s Slave Motorcycle Club’s annual Shivaratri Run.

Boats on Fewa Tal

Boats on Fewa Tal

Here are a few shots of the Himalayas from Pokhara

Here is a Gallery of Fewa Tal photos:

Here are some photos from the Mountain Lodge where I stayed, plus some photos from up the hill.

3 Comments on “Pokhara Interlude

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    • Hi Sue, Thanks for following the travels.You seem to travel a bit yourself. Glad you liked the boats, the sunken ones near the shore made the photo stand out from others I took.


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