Quito, Equidor

I arrived in Quito on Thursday, a 39 hour flight from Bangkok on KLM, 15 of those hours were spent in the Amsterdam airport . Now I’m staying at The Secret Garden in a $12 dorm bunk bed until my daughter arrives from Cali, Columbia tomorrow, then we start backpacking south towards Bolivia. We have no set itinerary nor LP guidebook, so we’ll just meander our way down the Andes and see where we end up. Pre-Incan ruins are high on our list of targeted sites.

The hostel is in the historic Old City, and it is quite scenic. Even though still suffering from Jet Lag more than altitude, I was able to take several strolls and shoot some interesting  photos.

For the next several months, until October 1st, when I must return to Japan, most of my posts will be travel oriented.


3 Comments on “Quito, Equidor

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  2. Fantastic! Looking forward to your updates – which of your three lovely daughters are you traveling with?

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