Rishikesh, India–Part 1

In April of 2019 I traveled to Rishkesh, the yoga capital of India. I was backpacking around India with my youngest daughter, who is a yoga teacher, so, after our trek near Darjeeling suddenly fell through, we thought Rishikesh would make a fine Plan B.

Rishikesh is a sacred city on the Ganges, with yoga schools in abundance.

We stayed at the “60s Green Hills” Hotel, a place we chose for the lush garden and vegetarian restaurant . Oddly enough, I was the only there who had actually lived the counter-culture 60s! Back then I had been a jeweler/Street Artist in San Francisco. Only one old man at the hotel had been a child back in the 60s…I was at least a decade older than him.

Every morning my daughter would walk across the bridge to take an Ashtanga Yoga class. Only one place n town had Ashtanga teachers certified in Mysore, and that’s where she went. Then we we would meet for lunch and take hikes for hours exploring the quaint city, and then sit at out favorite spot on the Ganges.

During the day we would experiment with all the delicious street food, never once getting sick. Though occasionally we’d stop at a chilled out restaurant for a snack and/or cold drink.

Part 2 of this post will focus on Temples and street art and all the miscellany of our peripatetic wandering.

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