Rishikesh — Part 2

We stayed in Rishikesh for nearly a week, enjoying the mellower climate of the Himalayan foothills as well as the spiritual background radiation. That’s not to say that there was no commercial component to it, though. I mean, Rishikesh is notoriously the home to one of the most egregious spiritual scams and phony gurus in recent history, the Beatle’s sham spiritual guide, the Maharishi and his bogus TM movement. Even after the Beatles left in disgust after the supposedly celibate old fart tried to grope Mia Farrow, the rest of the world fell for his line of drivel. Good Ol’ Rishikesh!

There is a surprising amount of very good street art scattered about the town.

Next a sampling of the temples and architecture.

Finally, an assortment of monkeys and miscellaneous :

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