This year’s fireworks display – Fire Flowers [花火] in Japanese – was held on Saturday, July 29th. Rather than the usual, colorful photos, I decided to try something a bit more artsie-fartsie, and not only used Black and White, but I reversed the images to negative. Now they look much more like Japanese Sumo-e ink drawings. I rather like the effect.

 The Divine Sword of the Bear Hunters of Northern Japan Over Golden Week I had a chance to take a trip deep into the mountains of northern Akita on a quest to find a rare, hand-forged hunting knife – the Matagi Nagasa. I recently learned of the Matagi culture of bear hunters in northern Japan and how they use a special hunting knife when they go off into the snowy mountains for several… Read More

Yurihonjo City, Akita Japan – Cherry Blossom Season  – April 20th 2014 Late yesterday afternoon I rode my bike over to our local city park, on the site of the ancient Honjo Castle, where they have the best cherry blossoms to view. READ MORE…