Zamskhang Palace Ruins Tegar, Nubra Valley Ladakh, India Nubra Valley, also called the Valley of Flowers, is situated in the northeast corner of Ladakh, near the Tibetan border. At one time it was located on the southern Silk Road trade route between Yarkhand, in Xinjiang, and Leh, the capital of Ladakh. This obscure corner of the Himalayas is reached from the capital by traversing the Khardung La, at 5,602 meters it is… Read More

Koh Phayam

In early January 2017 I traveled to Koh Phayam again. It was still one of my favorite obscure islands in Thailand, and it hadn’t changed much in the intervening nine months. No cars allowed and I stayed at PP Land once more. It’s quite isolated, even by Koh Phayam standards, and I appreciated it even more after I had a chance to see the more populated beaches. READ MORE…

Saturday was the night of our local fireworks display here in Yurihonjo. The Japanese word Hanabi – 花火 – literally ‘flower fire’, sounds so much more descriptive when rendered as ‘fireflower’, that I’ve come to prefer it. It was a short 15 minute bike ride to the river side site of the show. Though it was still light when I arrived, many groups had already staked out their areas. I had a… Read More

This part of my Okinawa trip photos will focus on beaches. Most of these shots were taken on Sesoko Beach, on the northern part of Sesoko Island. A few shots were taken at the Churaumi Aquarium in Ocean Expo Park. Other shots were taken on Kouri Island, off the northern coast of Okinawa. READ MORE…