I’ve been in Pokhara for the last ten days, and there the Internet is slow to nonexistent. It was a pleasant interlude after all the action in Kathmandu. I used to live there in the 1970s, when it was a dirt road village of mud and wattle farmhouses with thatched roofs. I was on a quest to track down some old friends. That I did, even staying at a lodge on the… Read More

Kathmandu, Nepal – March, 2014 Happy Losar! It’s Tibetan New Year in Nepal, and I’m here to see friends, attend some parties and go on the Shiva’s Slave’s Motorcycle Club Shivaratri Run. Here are a few photos from the Yantra House Losar Party on March 4th. I’ll tell about the other party and the Slave’s Run in separate posts. READ MORE…