In April 2018 I traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to get a 60-day Thai visa, the first step towards getting a Retirement Visa to live permanently in Thailand. I chose a mid-range guest house near the Mekong River, arrived on a Thai Airlines flight in the mid-afternoon, then started looking for a travel agent to help me obtain the needed visa. READ MORE…

After a pleasant week in Pokhara I returned to the big city. Soon after I got back to the Potala Guest House I was walking over to a friend’s gem and jewelry shop when I encountered a parade of school children. They were all wearing their traditional clothing so I had to stop and take some photos. READ MORE…

I took the Greenline Bus to Pokhara and was there for Holi, which was a bit more laid back than Kathmandu would have been. I like using the Greenline Bus Company for several reasons. First, it leaves an hour later than the cheaper Tourist buses, and second, it includes a buffet lunch in the ticket price. Lunch is always served at a very nice riverside hotel about half-way between Kathmandu and Pokhara…. Read More

August – September 2015 This past summer I returned to Mongolia for further adventures. Unfortunately I contacted John Williamson at Zavkhan Trekking a few days too late and the last place on his Zavkhan Classic horse trek had already been filled. Four years ago I rode horses for three weeks in the remote Altai region of Western Mongolia and I was impressed with their small-scale, custom treks that take you way off… Read More

Reika and I arrived in Cuenca late yesterday, after riding for eight hours on two local two buses. This morning we took a stroll along the river and found another trove of street art. Some of it seems to have been commissioned by the city to highlight local artists, others are spontaneous outpourings. Enjoy!