This was originally published on BootsnAll Travel Journal #4 THE TRIPLEGEM AFGHAN EXPEDITION-SUMMER 2005 12/August/2005 – Kabul, Afghanistan Friday – the Islamic day of rest – I had breakfast at the Mustafa, naan, omelet, hash browns and coffee. Breakfast at the Mustafa was eaten in an open, marble-paved courtyard on the second floor. This was where we’d had the barbecue the night before. There I ran into another tourist. He was an Aussie named Peter… Read More

I’m in Auckland right now, and I’m just back from three days in the bush, staying at a friend’s bungalaow – called a ‘bach’. It was out in the boonies up north and on a cliff overlooking the coast. No electricity and no Internet, just a wood stove, as its winter down here. These are just a few random B&W and color shots from the weekend.

Saturday was the night of our local fireworks display here in Yurihonjo. The Japanese word Hanabi – 花火 – literally ‘flower fire’, sounds so much more descriptive when rendered as ‘fireflower’, that I’ve come to prefer it. It was a short 15 minute bike ride to the river side site of the show. Though it was still light when I arrived, many groups had already staked out their areas. I had a… Read More

This part of my Okinawa trip photos will focus on beaches. Most of these shots were taken on Sesoko Beach, on the northern part of Sesoko Island. A few shots were taken at the Churaumi Aquarium in Ocean Expo Park. Other shots were taken on Kouri Island, off the northern coast of Okinawa. READ MORE…

Okinawa is home to some very unique architecture. It ranges from large, plain above ground tombs, to old farm houses, to a very particular way of tiling a roof. First, one of the main architectural features that differs from prefecture to prefecture in Japan is the color and style of the roof tiles. Up here in Akita, they use shiny black roof tiles, but the tiles on Okinawa are orange with large patches of… Read More